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The Wesleyan Church of Ghana started in 1991 as a mission outreach from the Standard Church of Canada. Joe and Jemima Ocran had migrated from Ghana to Canada where they were converted and trained by the Standard Church. Eventually they were sent back to Ghana as missionaries.

Rev. Ocran established an NGO in Canada, Project Reach Out (PRO), and then registered it in Ghana as well. In this way the work was given focus and resources as a development agency from the beginning. Rev. Ocran is leader of both the church and PRO. They established clinics, a forestry project and several preschools. They planted churches by employing pastors trained in other traditions. Rev. Ocran developed a constitution for the church in Ghana and registered the denomination with the Ghanaian government. In 2003 the Standard Church joined the Wesleyans in North America and the work in Ghana became part of GP's work in Africa.

Through a partnership with Central Wesleyan Church in Holland, MI, significant outreach using the Jesus Film to the northern part of the country among the Islamic Wa people has been launched. The church is currently exploring the possibility of establishing work across the border in the north into Burkina Faso.

Jesus Film Partnership with Central Wesleyan Church to reach the Wa people in northern Ghana



JemimaArea: 238,533 sq. km. (92,098 sq. miles)

Population (2010): 24,332,755

Capital: Accra (pop. 2,341,882)

Population under 15 yrs: 38%

Life expectancy: 56.5 years

Official language: English

Ghana baptismAll languages: 84


Christian - 63.40%

Muslim - 23.79%

Traditional religions - 12.50%

(For additional information see the CIA World Factbook)




Churches: 44

Ordained ministers: 3

Licensed ministers: 10

Members: 3,284

National Superintendent: Rev. Joe Ocran

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Missionaries: Ken & Robin Jewett

Missionary personnel needed:

A coach/mentor is needed to assist the developing church in Northern Ghana by discipling and training the emerging leaders. Click here to request more information.


January 2014 (PDF)



Evangelism Team: God is moving in a unprecedented way among Muslims and Animists in Africa and specifically in Ghana. Many come to Christ after watching the Jesus Film and through outreach and compassion ministries. While the door remains open we must take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to reach as many as possible with the Good News. The Wesleyan Standard Church in Ghana requires resources to establish and support an Evangelism Team who would travel throughout the WSC regions and conduct evangelistic crusades to support and strengthen the existing churches and to help to establish new ones. Funds are needed to equip a team with the purchase of musical and sound equipment, pay for transportation and logistical costs and associated district expenses. Give online.

Ministry Motorbikes: The Wesleyan Standard Church is growing rapidly. Through the Jesus Film, outreach and compassion ministries, many Muslims and Animists are coming to Christ and new fellowships and churhes are being planted. Young Christians and churches need regular visits of encouragement and support to help establish them in faith and as healthy bodies of believers. Often church leaders have no means to travel the long and difficult distaces between churches. Many of the communities where the WSC works are very remote and in some cases cannot be reached by road, only on foot, bicycle or by motorbikes. The WSC in Ghana requires motorbikes so their leaders can visit the many communities where young churches are being planted. Give online.

National Ministry Shares: National ministry shares are designed to provide assistance with general operating expenses of the national church. Give online.

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