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In 2000, two neighbors, Lucas Hamirie and Geoffrey Muliro, started a home fellowship in their hometown of Busia, Uganda. That small group of believers has grown since then through their church planting efforts to an association of sixty-two churches in eastern Uganda and western Kenya.

Early in the work Lucas made contact with Dr. Barclay Brown, a Wesleyan pastor in Kentucky, who had visited Uganda a year or two earlier on a Methodist missions team. Dr. Brown became interested in helping the young church and established an organization, Focus Ministries, to raise support for and interest in the work. Focus Ministries has helped to provide foundational ministry training for the pastors of the churches as well as helped them establish an orphanage and primary school.

In 2010 the leaders of the young church signed an agreement with the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church of Zambia (PWCZ) and Global Partners (GP) with the aim of becoming fully incorporated into the Wesleyan Church within a five-year period. Over that period PWCZ and GP will provide additional training to pastors and leaders and guide them in the process of organizing the church structure.



Area: 582,646 sq. km. (224,961 sq. miles)

Population (2010): 40,862,900

Capital: Nairobi (pop. 3,523,349)Rural church

Population under 15 yrs: 43%

Life expectancy: 53.6 years

Official languages: English, Swahili

All languages: 74


Christian - 82.61%

Muslim - 8.32%

Traditional religions - 7.21%

(For additional information see the CIA World Factbook.)




Churches: 62 (10 of which are in Kenya)

Ordained ministers: 0

Licensed ministers: 0

Members: 6,702

National Superintendent: Rev. Lucas Hamirie

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



Emerging Partnership Development: The continent of Africa is now reaping the benefits of more than a 120 years of partnership with the Wesleyan Church. We are now experiencing the maturity of oversight from our national leaders between fields as new partnerships emerge. A tangible way to provide for this advance is funding for travel as our national leaders begin to assume roles once held only by missionaries. Your gift will empower Africans to lead Africans in oversight as next generation mission fields continue to emerge through God's blessing and direction because the church in Africa is reaching beyond! Give online.

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