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The Wesleyan Church of Liberia was started as a mission outreach from the Sierra Leonean church around 35 years ago. Civil war interrupted the ministry though, and all missionary personnel were evacuated. The church in Monrovia survived and grew during the war years, but much of the outlying church suffered because church leaders were simply not able to travel. The current leadershiphas recently been giving concentrated effort to strengthening and expanding the network of churches in those areas. The church has set up an admirable system of schools.

The Liberian Church is responsible for the mission outreach in Nigeria. This involves one church in Lagos, headed by Rev. Andrew Bondo, a Liberian worker who went to Nigeria to complete his Masters degree.


Area: 99,067 sq. km. (38,250 sq. miles)


Population (2010): 4,101,767

Capital: Monrovia (pop. 827,465)

Population under 15 yrs.: 43%

Life expectancy: 57.9 years

Official language: English


All languages: 31


Traditional religions - 42.50%

Christian - 41.43%

Muslim - 15.50%

(For additional information see the CIA World Factbook)




Churches: 42

Ordained ministers: 19

Licensed ministers: 24

Members: 3,419

Bible Colleges: Wesleyan Bible College of Liberia, Monrovia

Primary Schools: 8

National Superintendent: Rev. Peter Kollie

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



Bible College Scholarships: The Wesleyan Bible College of Liberia continues to grow! This scholarship program would directly benefit students preparing for pastoral or teaching ministries. The average cost for a student to attend one year of college is $500. Even the smallest gift will make a huge difference in student's life and the health of The Wesleyan Church in Liberia. Give online.


Bible College Expansion: The conclusion of the war in Liberia has led to opportunities for expansion of The Wesleyan Bible College of Liberia. It needs to broaden its training options to include economics, business administration and school teacher's training. This training will empower church members to run church schools and secure better incomes, which will provide a financial base for the local churches. New land has been purchased for expansion. This project will include fencing and construction of new buildings on the new land. Give online.

National Ministry Shares: National ministry shares are designed to provide assistance with general operating expenses of the national church. Give online.

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