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sl lgflagThe Wesleyan Church of Sierra Leone was the first Wesleyan mission field in the world, started in 1889. The early work in SL was very difficult. Six missionaries died on the field and five more died shortly after returning to North America. The grave site at the original inland mission station at Kunsho is still able to be visited today – just north of Makeni. Another significant early mission work was in Kukuna,where one Susu convert was made in the first 50 years!

In the early 90’s because of civil war the North American missionary staff were withdrawn from Sierra Leone and the church suffered significant infrastructural losses. A few missionaries have since returned and the church has made major strides in restoration of its facilities and ministries.


SL 1

Area: 71,740 sq. km. (27,699 sq. miles)

Population (2010): 5,835,664

Capital: Freetown (pop. 900,847)

Population under 15 yrs.: 43%

Life expectancy: 47.3 years

Official language: English

SL 2

Trade language: Krio

All languages: 26


Muslim - 63.00%

Traditional religions - 23.31%

Christian - 13.15%

(For additional information see the CIA World Factbook)



Churches: 202

Ordained ministers: 89

Licensed ministers: 100

Members: 29,558

Bible Colleges: Gbendembu Wesleyan

Bible School, partner denomination in

The Evangelical College of Theology, Jui

Primary Schools: 108

Secondary Schools: 8

Hospital: Kamakwie Wesleyan Hospital

National Superintendent: Rev. Usman J. Fornah

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Missionaries: Geof & Carrie Jo Cain in Kamakwie

Missionary personnel needed:

Short-term medical personnel, doctors and nurses, are needed to serve at Kamakwie Hospital. Click here to request more information.



January 2016

February 2016



Bible School Operations Fund: These funds will provide the annual operating cost for the Gbendembu Wesleyan Bible School In Sierra Leone. Give online.

Principal's House - Gebendembu Wesleyan Bible School

Graveyard & Mission House Restoration: The first mission house is to be rehabilitated without destroying some outstanding 

features of the old building. A fence has been constructed on the grave site, some of the broken graves redone properly, granite stones spread within the fence and the graves to prevent grass from growing in there, and a plaque prepared with a nice description and the names of the sacrificial missionaries lying there written on it and the respective years of their death recorded. The rehabilitation of the graveyard was completed and rededicated in May, 2011, but the rehabilitation of the nearby mission house still awaits funding. Give online.

Jesus Film Vehicle: The Wesleyan Church of Sierra Leone is a mature, self-propagating movement. We celebrate their creative initiative in the use of the Jesus Film as a tool for church planting. This vehicle will provide the necessary leadership infrastructure for the Director of Evangelism and Church Growth of the WCSL to maximize the impact of the Jesus Film teams as they plant new churches to spread the Gospel. Give online.

Remodel Principal's Home: This project is to provide funds to remodel the home of the principal in Gbendembu which was damaged by the rebels during the civil war.

Scholarships for Converted Muslim Children: This scholarship fund assists children who are former Muslims in receiving education in our Wesleyan schools throughout Sierra Leone. Last year, the program helped forty-five students in the Primary, Secondary, and Senior school levels pay for annual school fees as well as provide several exercise books and writing materials. This has proven to be a highly effective ministry as it is also reported that all of the students who have received scholarships attend and serve at local Wesleyan churches. Give online.

Youth Agricultural Development: During the civil war from 1992-2002 Sierra Leone became one of the poorest countries in the world. This project provides an opportunity to address this reality through an initiative of the youth of the Wesleyan church in the Kamakwie region. Youth Pastor, Albert, and two of the high school teens from the main Wesleyan church in Kamakwie have decided to take action to address starvation and the need to educate young people in a useful trade. Your investment in this project will facilitate a self-sustaining cycle of cassava, corn, peanuts and rice crops to provide food and funding for scholarships. Give online.


National Ministry Shares: National ministry shares are designed to provide assistance with general operating expenses of the national church. Give online.

Medical Ministry Shares: Medical ministry shares are designed to provide assistance with general operating expenses of the medical ministries in Sierra Leone. Give online.
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