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The Wesleyan Church in Swaziland developedas part of the Southern Africa Region of the Wesleyan Church which comprised the Wesleyan mission work in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, and Mozambique. In 1998, Mozambique was separated off from the Region to become an separate national church conference.

The Wesleyan Church of Southern Africa was started as mission fields of the Pilgrim Holiness Church (1900), the Reformed Baptist Church (1901) and the Africa Evangelistic Mission (1902). The PHC initially put their effort into white ministry and later into black ministry in South Africa, Swaziland and Zambia. The RBC put their efforts into black ministry in South Africa and Zimbabwe. The AEM conducted their ministry in the Johannesburg gold mines, and from there reached into north-eastern South Africa and across into Mozambique. The Southern African field included a large number of missionaries over the years.

For some time the work was divided into a white mission and a black mission. As the South African policy of apartheid was abandoned, the two fields were merged. The Trans Natal District is the remains of the old PHC white work and the other 14 districts are the remains of the merged black districts. The first African Regional Superintendent was Rev. Samson Sigwane (now deceased), followed by Rev. Robert Nhlengethwa and Rev. Doctor Galela.




Area: 17,364 sq. km. (6,704 sq. miles)

Population (2010): 1,201,904

Capital: Mbabane (pop. 74,500)

Population under 15 yrs.: 39%

Life expectancy: 45.3 years


Official languages: siSwati, English

All languages: 8


Christian - 84.68%

Traditional religions - 12.20%

Non-religious 1.50%

Muslim - 1.00%

(For additional information see the CIA World Factbook)

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Churches: 34

Ordained ministers: 16

Licensed ministers: 5

Members: 2,068


Bible Colleges: Emmanuel Wesleyan Bible College, Manzini, Swaziland

National Superintendent: Rev. Thabsile Thwala


Missionaries: Dorcas Croft, Emmanuel Wesleyan Bible College

Missionary personnel needed:

A librarian is needed to manage and update the Swaziland Bible college (EWBC) library and to train African staff. Click here for more information.


Emmanuel Wesleyan Bible College



Emmanuel Wesleyan Bible College Scholarships: Emmanuel Wesleyan Bible College is based in Swaziland and services Southern Africa as well. Currently the college offers a diploma of ministry and Bachelors of Theology degree. This scholarship fund provides a general subsidy to all students, enabling the college to keep tuition fees affordable. Give online.

National Ministry Shares: National ministry shares are designed to provide assistance with general operating expenses of the national church. Give online.

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