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The Pilgrim Wesleyan Church of Zambia was started as a Pilgrim Holiness mission, coming via South Africa and Zimbabwe. The heartland of the PWC Church is the southern provinces of the Tonga tribe, although in recent decades the church has spread to Lusaka and other provinces. Several language groups are now represented in the PWC.

The national office of the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church is located in Lusaka. Pastors are trained at Pilgrim Wesleyan Bible College at Jembo. The church manages basic and secondary schools in partnership with the Zambian government. Medical services are provided through three rural health centers in Chabbabboma, Jembo, and Siachitema and one mission hospitall in Zimba. The PWCZ seeks to spread the word of God by addressing the spiritual, physical and mental needs of the community.




Area: 752,614 sq. km. (290,586 sq. miles)

Population (2010): 13,257,269

Capital: Lusaka (pop. 1,450,759)

Population under 15 yrs.: 46%


Life expectancy: 44.5 years

Official language: English

Trade languages: Bemba, Nyanja

All languages: 72


Christian - 86.95%

Traditional religions - 10.80%

Muslim - 1.35%

(For additional information see the CIA World Factbook.)




Churches: 212

Ordained ministers: 53

Licensed ministers: 39

Members: 11,151

Bible Colleges: Pilgrim Wesleyan Bible College, Jembo

Primary Schools: 5

Secondary Schools: 2

Hospital: Zimba Mission Hospital

National Superintendent: Dr. Alfred Kalembo

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Missionaries: Drs. Dan & Joan Jones, Zimba

Missionary personnel needed:

A medical lab technician with experience in microbiology is needed to assist at the Zimba Hospital. Click here to request more information.

A certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) is needed to assist at the Zimba Hospital. Click here to request more information.



Theological College of Central Africa Scholarships: This project supports training of Pilgrim Wesleyan students at the Theological College of Central Africa (TCCA) so as to meet the increasing demand for qualified personnel in the Church and in Church Schools. TCCA is an interdenominational institution administered by the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia. It offers accredited diploma and degree programs that prepare students to go directly into ministry or to go on for further education. The current National Superintendent of Zambia, and the previous National Superintendent are graduates of TCCA. Give online.

Pilgrim Wesleyan Bible College Scholarships: For the training of pastors of the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church in Zambia. This is the primary training institution of the PWC.

Outpatient Department - Zimba Mission Hospital: Our current outpatient department is inadequate to handle our patient volumes. The new building will achieve the goal of providing better patient care. With more patients attending the outpatient department there will be more opportunities to evangelize. Give online.

Operating Theatre - Zimba Mission Hospital

Zimba Medical Ministries: This fund helps with the operational and maintenance costs of the Zimba Mission Hospital and three rural health centers. Give online.

ZMH chapel

Zambia Church Extension: The current church sanctuary only seats 250 making it insufficient for the attendance of over 400. This new sanctuary will seat 800. When completed the church will be ideal for the church growth projections we have as a congregation. Give online.

National Ministry Shares: National ministry shares are designed to provide assistance with general operating expenses of the national church. Give online.

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