Lay Leadership Training Manual

In many places the layman is the main strength of church planting and ministry but In many places the layman is the main strength of church planting and ministry butoften those laymen have not had the opportunity for training.  Global Partnerscontinues to emphasize the need for a trained and ordained ministry as well as the stepsleading up to ordination, including academic preparation for the District MinisterialLicense.  However, there is a felt need to develop a limited training manual for laymenwho are involved in ministry.  The following topics have been developed in this training manual by missionaries and church leaders who have been involved in this type of training.

  • Servant Leadership – Dr. Art O’Dell
  • Servant Leadership – Dr. Art O’Dell
  • Spiritual Disciplines – Rev. Gary Wiley
  • Discipleship – Rev. Jeff Fussner
  • Evangelism – Dr. Jim Lo
  • Starting A Church – Dr. Jim Lo
  • Bible Study Methods – Dr. John Connor
  • Leading a Bible Study – Dr. John Connor
  • Sermon Preparation – Dr. John Connor
  • Basic Doctrines – Dr. John Connor




 God's Call to Holiness

Approved Doctrine of Holiness textbook written by Dr. Jim Lo. Useful for adult discipleship, lay ministry training, and in courses to satisfy ordination requirements.



jfhp emmaus

The Emmaus Road Course is a foundational pastoral training course that has been put together by the Nazarenes and is used where churches are multiplying quickly. It can be used wherever there is a need for foundational pastoral training. It consists of 5 courses: Bible, Theology, Preaching, Administration and Finance, and Teaching Membership. Each course is 20 hours, making a total of 100 hours. Find it at: Used by permission of the Church of the Nazarene, eventually will be edited for the Wesleyan Church context. For free distribution only. Not for sale. (2018)



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