During special services at Bartlesville Wesleyan College (now Oklahoma Wesleyan University), God began tugging at Geoff to pursue missions. Having participated in various short-term mission trips to Sierra Leona, Guyana, and Jamaica, Geoff now feels God is actively leading him to full-time missionary service.

Carrie Jo, daughter of Wesleyan missionaries Don and Joan Kinde, grew up in Sierra Leone. During high school, she joined a missionary nurse in outreach clinics. A singular experience reshaped her goals, and she knew God was calling her back to Africa as a nurse someday. God has provided her with a variety of multicultural pediatric nursing experiences that have uniquely prepared her for the challenges of Kamakwie.

Geoff and Carrie Jo have been appointed by Global Partners to service as long-term missionaries in Sierra Leone at the Kamakwie Wesleyan Hospital (KWH). They desire to build relationships that will be spiritually encouraging to others, engage in discipleship, and be God’s tools in strengthening KWH’s relationship with the community and surrounding areas. Carrie Jo will be working directly with the hospital staff as matron, focusing on education and professional development of staff. Geoff will be mentoring the facilities crew, homeschooling Becca, and overseeing special projects at KWH in conjunction with World Hope International.

Geoff and Carrie Jo have three children: Rachel Griffith (’92), Daniel Griffith (’95), and Rebecca (’06).


December 2018 

October 2018


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