Wesleyan Extension Program 

The 8 courses provided here were prepared by missionary Fred Cromer for Wesleyan ministerial training programs at the diploma level. Each course provides teacher notes, student handouts, and course tests, quizzes, and exams.


Shepherds Global Classroom

The 18 courses offered in the Shepherds Global Classroom provide complete lesson materials for ministerial training programs at the diploma level. Courses are available in English and French. The materials are written from a solid Wesleyan theological perspective and are approved for use in Wesleyan institutions.


Nazarene Theological Institute

The 30 NTI courses provided here were developed for use within the Nazarene Church in Africa and have been generously made available for use in Wesleyan churches as well. The course materials include materials for both students and teachers and are developed at a diploma level.


Lausanne Global Classroom

The Lausanne Global Classroom connects emerging evangelical leaders and the global church to key issues in global mission today. Each Classroom episode consists of a series of short video segments totaling about 45 minutes and is supplemented by a User Guide, which contains discussion questions, suggested activities and assignments, further reading, and academic syllabus. Lausanne Global Classroom episodes are easily adaptable for small group, individual, church or educational settings. (These are not "Wesleyan" materials, but nevertheless are recommended to supplement training in Wesleyan institutions.)